Expert Freelance Translation Subcontractor

ES>EN, PT>EN, FR>EN — Legal, Medical, Finance, Pharmaceutical, IT


I am a native English speaker born and raised in the USA. I specialize in Spanish-to-English, Portuguese-to-English and French-to-English translation of Legal, Medical, Pharmacy, Finance, Software and Information Technology texts as a subcontractor for translation agencies.

In addition to ten years of translation experience across a wide array of source document specialties, I have vast experience editing quarterly, public company earnings call transcripts for a major U.S. vendor.

My undergraduate degree is in finance. I hold an MBA degree from a top-30 U.S. MBA program, and I have practiced as a stockbroker.

I have worked in the San Francisco / San Jose geographic area in the technology field and I have good command of the language surrounding software and IT.

I attended law school full time for two years while going to MBA school, so I have an excellent grasp of legal procedure, vocabulary and phraseology.

I provide affordable, accurate, and dependable contract services as a Spanish-to-English, Portuguese-to-English and French-to-English translation subcontractor for translation agencies.

I speak the language of your customers and their industry.

In order for your clients to transition from a local or national company and marketing program to a global company, well-written English documents are a must.  I understand that your reputation is on the line and I perform as such.  I pride myself on fast and accurate translation of specialized finance, medical, life sciences, pharmacy, legal, software, information technology and engineering documents from Spanish-to-English, Portuguese-to-English and French-to-English.  I understand the challenges you face as you work to contribute to the global presence your clients require.

When it’s time for your business to establish its presence in the international business world you need a trusted partner dedicated to the success of your business working with you.  As an experienced language industry professional, I understand your perspective as an agency Owner, Vendor Manager or Project Manager and what you need to take your business to the next level.

I have served businesses in a variety of industries as they have transitioned from local or national businesses to multinational or global businesses.  As a former marketing executive in the heavy equipment, aircraft sales and software industry, I have my finger on the pulse of the US and UK consumer and institutional markets in a variety of industries and this understanding is reflected in the consistent quality of my document translation services.  As a native English speaker from the USA who has spent a total of more than ten years abroad in 25 countries including several in Europe, I have the ability to approach your translation with the cultural sensitivity necessary to make sure that the work product satisfies your business objectives.

I specialize in Spanish-to-English, Portuguese-to-English and French-to-English translation of business, life sciences, medicine, pharmacy, finance, engineering, IT and software documentation, so I am able to meet your needs in those areas with a high level of expertise and specificity.

I do not sub out work.  All work and quality assurance is performed by me, the principal.  As of May 1, 2013 I am not actively seeking to form new relationships with translation agencies who seek to sub out work to dependable Spanish-to-English, Portuguese-to-English and French-to-English translators, but nonetheless please feel free to CONTACT ME if you have an inquiry.  I feel sure that you will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of my work and with my dependability.  I take great pride in making sure that I am easy for the agency to work with and in providing only the highest quality work product.

Thanks for checking out my website.