Information Technology Translation Services

I provide expert information technology translation services to translation agencies, business owners, and marketing directors across a wide variety of industry segments including:

  • Software Companies

  • Telecommunications

  • Mobile Providers

  • Internet Service Providers

  • Networking and Systems Administration

  • Hardware Vendors

  • ERP Systems

My expertise includes specific experience in providing English translation of user manuals, support systems, troubleshooting guides and technical specifications.

I also provide services to assist in the localization of websites and software graphical user interfaces into US and UK English.

The increasing demand for information technology products and services in the global marketplace results in a growing opportunity for IT companies to expand their geographic reach out of Europe and Latin America into the global English-speaking marketplace.

The key to success in making the transition lies in selecting a translation vendor with a proven information technology background who can quickly and afford ably translate your clients’ information technology documentation into perfect US English that is easily understood by the US and UK based information technology user communities.  I have the information technology translation expertise you require to be successful at delivering this to your clients.

I understand the accuracy and timeliness required in information technology translation and I’m prepared to meet the challenge.  As of May 1, 2013 I’m not seeking a new translation agency who can provide me, as a subcontractor, outsourced translation work in the field of IT, but of course you’re welcome to contact me if you have an inquiry.  Once I begin working with an agency they usually continue to offer me work into the future and I prefer this type of long-term relationship, working with agencies who know and depend on my expertise on a regular basis.